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A Luxury Day in Milano

Milan is one of those places I have always wanted to visit – just for the Duomo! I always knew a 24 hour stop-over would be just enough, and that I wouldn’t need to go back, however after my amazing day here I quickly realized how wrong I was and how much I would love to come back, this time for a few days. 

We took an early morning flight from Amsterdam to Malpensa and passed the gorgeous snow capped Italian Alps on the way, once we arrived we took a train into central Milano. 

Most of the hotels were booked out on the day that we were there so we settled for an Air BNB and were extremely happy with our choice. It was a beautiful apartment in one of the best Neighborhoods in Milan: Montenapoleon. 

The only problem was there was quite a bit of stairs to climb – ordinarily no problem, however with a bad episode of Motor Neuron Disease and a big suitcase – not so easy. No matter it was still a gorgeous wooden floor apartment with a really cute Italian style balcony. After resting, freshening up, and getting dressed we decided to hit the streets! 

The first stop was none other than my old friend Louis. Okay okay, I know, but we’re in the fashion capital, cut me some slack, I just couldn’t resist! 

I purchased a Neverful Bag and had it monogrammed with my initials. I didn’t find the service at Louis Vuitton Montenapoleon up to scratch. I was quite unhappy in relation to the excellent service we received in Paris. 

After our visit to the High Fashion stores of Montenapoleon, we walked to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The architecture and ceiling were absolutely stunning. 

Did you know that it is the oldest shopping mall in Italy and it is also open 24 hours a day!

There were restaurants aplenty within the mall but we decided that we were feeling for more of an outdoor “vibe”, and so we made our way to one of the sidewalk restaurants just outside the mall. 

The restaurant was called Granaio Caffe e Cucina. The prices weren’t too bad and the food tasted good. There were also nice cocktails and I would have liked to try one of the desserts! 

For bookings contact them at | +39

Now, for the main attraction, and ultimately what brought me to Milano, the Duomo! 

Pictures do not do it justice and it exceeded my expectations! Unfortunately I did not get a chance to go inside, which is something I really did want to do, but next time I definitely will. 

We got ice cream cones off a gelato cart nearby and sat by the Duomo and marveled at it while taking hundreds of pictures! We then spent the rest of the evening strolling through every shop we passed (which is major for me as I am NOT a shopper). I loved the feel of shopping in Milan though, and all the stores were so well done up – for instance the Zara had a really cool installment of mannequins with a grand staircase, and it was bigger than any Zara I had been to before!

By the time we headed back to our apartment, we were exhausted and decided to rest for a bit. We ended up just having a chilled night and singing away to Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne! A much needed girls night. 

There were a few restaurants I would definitely liked to have try out for dinner so I’ll let you know next time I check them out! 😊

In the morning we had an early start, packed our bags ready for check out. We were set to take a train to Rome around mid-day so only had a few hours left, and what better to spend the last few moments in Milan than eat! For breakfast, we decided to walk our way around Milano, and fell even more in love with it’s beauty and less crowded (than Rome) streets! Along the way we stopped for a power coffee (orange juice for me as I don’t drink coffee) and continued our walk in search for our breakfast spot! 

All the orange juices I ordered in Italy were actually grapefruit juice ? Is this normal? Let me know in the comments below 😂

I’m not sure exactly what this spot was called but there are plenty of coffee spots on the way! This is the route we walked:

When we finally reached our breakfast spot I was over the moon to find some matcha! Unfortunately, they were not doing any drinks yet as it was too early, which I found really disappointing, (so no juice, no matcha lattes, no coffee, or any type of drink that had to be prepared) so we had to just settle for food, and bottled water.

We ordered the matcha pancakes, which was served with a chocolate sauce and berries which was quite delicious. I loved the cafe itself it was very cute picturesque.

This would have been the perfect breakfast/  brunch spot with a very New York / London feel if they had only been serving drinks from the time they opened their cafe. The service could have also been slightly better but overall it was a great spot to grab a bite!

I did not get to visit Milano the way I would have liked which is why I haven’t written a guide, but rather just written my experience here. Overall Milano is vey luxurious and beautiful and if I get the chance to come back this is what I would like to include in my itinerary:

  • I would love to stay at the Townhouse Galleria 
  • Visit the Marchesi Pastry Shop
  • Visit the Bulgari Hotel Milano 
  • Have dinner at Maio Restaurant overlooking the Duomo

Have you been to Milan? If you have any recommendations for this beautiful city, let me know in the comments below!

Love always,

Lisa <3