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Dubai’s Most Instagrammable Teahouse

It is absolutely no secret – or surprise, that my absolute favourite spot in Dubai is without a doubt the pink villa in Umm Sequim. 

I started spending a lot of time in Dubai from April 2018, right about the same time that Tania’s Teahouse opened it’s doors to the public. I have no idea how I came across it – probably Instagram! I then Ubered there by myself, had tea for one, and the rest is history! 

In a foreign country, not knowing anyone, or anything, it kind of became my “best friend”. I would go there solo all the time! You could say I frequented this candy pink dreamland at least twice to three times a week. I also blame Tania’s for my too-far-gone daily matcha obsession.

My absolute weakness when it comes to decor is rose gold and marble, and there is no shortage here. If I were ever to go for afternoon tea in heaven, I’m pretty sure it would look exactly like this!
I love the perfectly balanced pink overload, with equal amounts of plants and greenery. The decor is absolutely gorgeous and makes you feel like you’re in London, New York, Paris, and Bali all at once. I also am obsessed with the cutlery (I know – I am weird like that!)

There is a valet service available, just before you reach the famous pink door which has since flooded Instagram feeds of bloggers from all over the world (excluding me 🙁 – I can’t believe I haven’t gotten a picture in front of the door before!) 

One of the first things you will notice when you walk in is the gorgeous spiral staircase going upstairs, where you can choose to sit upstairs for a picture infront of the “Hey There Habib-Tea” Wall, or downstairs with more insta – action!

The art genius behind the watercolor illustrations is the ever so talented @bihadesigns (whom I have not yet met, and not only stalked on insta, but also seen her in action painting the windows soon after the tea shop opened). You can find her designs on the walls, the windows and in the gorgeous menus too!

You can expect to find loads of tea-puns from the menu items to the art on the wall! The menu includes “Don’t Chai This At Home”, “Detox Tea-Tox” and “Ne-Tea-Flix and Chill” and tons more! Choose from Herbal Teas to Iced Teas to Creamy Tea Lattes and feel free to indulge in the snacks as well.

There’s a gorgeous tea-bar equipped with rose gold stools and a stunning pearlescent mosaic which is great for not only the perfect picture for your insta feed, but also to plug in your laptop and get some work done, all while overlooking the gorgeous plants and the talented baristas at work.

When I first went to Tania’s Teahouse the menu was much smaller and more limited, but I was pleased to see that new menu items were gradually introduced over a few months and I was all for it! 

My favourite menu items include any and every type of matcha latte, the birthday cake-in-a-teacup, and the The Got-Milk cake. 

There are two reasons I would head upstairs, 1) if I wanted a little privacy and needed to get some studying or work done and it was emptier up there or 2) when I felt like hitting “the shelf” for either a book to read if I’m by myself, or a board game to play if I’m with company.

I absolutely love the idea of having books and board games for your customers to indulge in to make their experience that much more memorable! 

My absolute favourite board game that I discovered at Tania’s was the millennial dream: “What Do You Meme?”, pair that with a delicious tea-latte and some tea-bag shaped biscuits and your evening is set (for a tea lover and boar game fanatic like me!)

By now you will have noticed that all my lattes have different logos monogrammed on them – talk about bloggers heaven! The genius behind this is none other than the pun-loving girl boss and tea enthusiast Tania Lodi, who pretty much hit the nail on the head by creating Dubai’s most instagrammable cafe. Her daily dose of puns, specially curated teas, and the creation of one-of-a-kind instagrammable spaces, with added touches like the monograms on lattes, draw bloggers, millennial Sand instagrammers alike all for the perfect Instagram picture, making her an excellent entrepreneur as well. Upon ordering your latte, let your waiter know what logo or design you want, and whether you want it done in chocolate powder or cinnamon (choose accordingly to the tea you have chosen so it doesn’t drastically alter the taste!) For a vegan latte they offer almond milk as an alternative so you can still enjoy the teas as well! 

Not a single spot of this teahouse is not Instagram-worthy, making it a bloggers paradise, or just the most relaxing and uplifting environment to catch up for lunch.

On the menu you can find a bunch of healthy bites – because, well, balance! ☺️

If you are in Dubai, I highly recommend going to Tania’s, even if it’s just for a quickie! The bonus is, it’s right across the road from the beach, so you can grab a tea or coffee to go and instead sit on the promenade overlooking the joggers at sunset, with magnificent views over the glistening waters and the beautiful Burj-Al-Arab – which is just as instagrammable to me 😊

Have you been to Tania’s? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  • Tessa Leigh

    I’ve also been to Tania’s! Loved it! I had the Ne-Tea Flix and Chill and the Rice Krispy treats 💕☺️